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6 Dirty things to say during sex

“Sex will bring you to your wildest dreams”


Sex is always present in every serious and intimate relationship in order to keep it lively and interesting as times goes and passes by. Couples love to cuddle around, kissing unexpectedly and go out together to enjoy leisure activities whenever they find time. And in there alone time they normally try to discover new things that they never applied before especially on their intimate moments like sex. Once you love the person things like this normally happen and there is no uneasiness from both sides to show what they’ve got and even savor amazing moments together whether on bed or any other indoor or outdoor activities. During sex you cannot avoid to say some dirty things with your partners and that’s part of the routine.

Playing around with him/her while doing sex is quite common. Situations like when you are in a very energetic and super human blast while on your intimate moment while grabbing and pushing hard to satisfy ones desire and suddenly one of you say… You deserve a gift for this one! This one will definitely make you laugh and perhaps stop the moment of intimacy but both of you will end up in a more closer and lovely moments together while reminiscing the love making thoughts.

Remembering your wild moments in your younger years brings back the fulfilling moment of sex while you want to taste every bit of the person you admire and you’re attracted with. So you will do all the possibilities to get them and to enjoy hot moments together. Once you get them into your horizon and bring them in your house or book a hotel for two,  it’s your chance to grab and take them into the wildest fantasy that you been dreaming of spending with him/her. Prepare a very romantic room with the essence of your scented perfumes, flowers if she’s a girl and make the room with effects of some candlelit to start the magical moments.

Bringing your fantasies to a real adventure of sex is very exciting and full of breathtaking moments while spending it with the person you truly love and care about. And funny moments during sex sessions cannot be avoided like saying; ohm!! I will soon have babies on this! Don’t stopped, I love what you did! You’re making me crazy, keep that move! Was an earthquake comes? This are just a few examples of the most commonly used words on the bed while enjoying time together which will burst your power and at times cause you to laugh in continuous.

Finally the most funny moment that I can think about was that of a friend who told me while making sex with a girl and while doing toss and turns of their intimate and their wild sex, he cannot forget that words that comes out to a girls mouth that says; “cum inside me, and put in a baby!

Moments that you cannot stop and you just don’t want to end up because of its pleasures that will definitely take you to the wonders of your wildest dreams.



Written by: David Mircea-Constantin

Copyright 20.03.2013

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